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Nava's Strategic Field Research

Meet you where you are

Field research allows us to meet you where you are, understand your needs and ideas, and absorb the complexities of the program. Too often, initiatives run aground due to technology constraints and agency staff are stuck finding workarounds for brittle tools. Gathering diverse perspectives helps us spot obstacles and build up a holistic view – the first step towards deep change.

“I've got about 200 projects and four #1 priorities.” – State program leadership

Start with user needs

We practice fullstack service design, from mapping user journeys to identifying gaps in back office processes. We cast a wide net, interviewing agency leadership, caseworkers, constituents, and subject matter experts to synthesize the most critical pain points and user needs. Championing user needs every step of the way clarifies the conversation, and our technical expertise grounds conversations in what can help right now.

Find the right leverage points

Working with legacy systems in complex environments can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to throw everything away and start over. Our experience leading large-scale modernization efforts helps us identify low-risk, high impact leverage points. Our research work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Veterans Affairs has decreased call center handle times, increased participation rates, and removed redundant forms.

Ready to get started? We’ll schedule an introductory call to learn more about your goals.

Get in touch

Full day workshop


A two person, weeklong engagement including a full-day, onsite workshop mapping out various parts of the process and resulting in deliverables that help you identify future work.

Multi-day workshop


A three person, two week engagement including a two day onsite workshop with a series of both user-facing and technical sessions. We’ll work together to map out challenges faced at many levels, and leave you with technical and service blueprints as well as low-risk, high-impact recommendations.

Multi-day workshop with field visits


A three-person, three week engagement including a series of onsite workshops and a visit to field offices. We’ll gather perspectives from ground truth to program-level, and synthesize what we learn to leave you with blueprints, the voice of the residents, as well as low-risk, high-impact recommendations.

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