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A day at Nava as a program strategist

By Nava PBC

It’s hard to describe what a typical day at Nava is like because no two days are ever the same. Every day brings new projects, challenges, and opportunities. So we’re sharing just a glimpse of what work is actually like for different people at Nava. Here’s what Martelle Esposito (she/her), Senior Program Strategist has been up to lately.

A picture of Martelle Esposito sitting at a desk with a computer and several houseplants.Martelle Esposito is a Senior Program Strategist at Nava.

The path to Nava

Nava is one of the first movers connecting public policy, program implementation, technology, and design. I came to Nava because I was interested in contributing to combining these worlds to help transform government services. Having worked primarily in nonprofit and academic settings prior to Nava, most recently at the WIC innovation lab at Johns Hopkins University, the company’s mission-driven approach and community feel were also big factors in my excitement to join the team.

Meaningful, collaborative, efficient

On the impact of civic tech

Working in a multidisciplinary and experimental environment to solve problems together and push the boundaries of what is possible for critical government services keeps me motivated. Knowing that my work directly impacts real people who are navigating life milestones and facing challenges is fulfilling.

On government

I believe government is one of the greatest tools we have for social change. Government has the power to promote or hinder a healthy, productive, and thriving society at scale, the potential to impact the quality of life for millions of people, and the ability to set off a chain reaction to dismantle historically oppressive power dynamics with policy actions.

Current projects

One of the projects I find most exciting is unpacking how similarities and differences between paid family and medical leave policies in different states impact program implementation opportunities and constraints. It’s fascinating, and I’m able to directly apply this learning to work the team at Nava is doing with Massachusetts to stand up their paid family and medical leave program, one of only a handful of these state programs in the country.

Outside of work

When I’m not at work, I can be found exploring Baltimore neighborhoods by foot or bike.