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We’re a public benefit corporation.

After working together for almost two years on, Nava incorporated as a public benefit corporation in 2015.

As a public benefit corporation, the social mission written into our founding charter has as much weight as a corporation’s fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders. Stated simply, Nava is accountable to both itself and the broader public.

Public Benefit Report

The chaos of 2020 showed just how essential accessible government services are to our country. See how Nava spent the last year helping public programs meet communities’ needs — and built our own resilience through a trying year.

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We’re not just here to write code or make websites pretty. How we do this work is just as important. We are building capacity in these enormous institutions to think about design and technology in a modern way.

- Rohan Bhobe, CEO and Co-founder

Values First

Companies become what they measure. We don’t measure ourselves by profit alone. We account for the social, ethical, and civic impacts of our work.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Nava is committed to growing and supporting a talented team that reflects the diverse communities we serve across the US.

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Meet the Navanauts

Everyone, regardless of role, has equity in Nava. This means that we’re all accountable to our mission. Past, present, and future employees are the shareholders of Nava. As shareholders, we all have a voice in Nava’s future.

To learn more about working at Nava, browse our open roles.

Let’s talk.

We’d love to chat about how we can work together to make government services simple, effective, and accessible to all.