Progress Takes Work

With public trust in our institutions being harder than ever to earn, we're convening experts from The White House, Carnegie Mellon, and FDIC to discuss thinking long-term and being active stewards.

Event Date

August 11, 2022 at 4:00 PM UTC


Via Zoom


Headshot of Brian Whittaker

Brian Whittaker,
Acting Chief Innovation Officer, FDIC

Headshot of Noreen Hecmanczuk

Noreen Hecmanczuk,
Digital Experience Advisor to the Federal CIO, Office of Management and Budget

Headshot of Gladys Perez Sriprasert

Gladys Perez Sriprasert,
Director of Public Policy and Management Programs, Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Headshot of Rohan Bhobe

Rohan Bhobe,
CEO and Co-founder, Nava PBC

Many in civic tech and public service joined to build trust in government. Yet, public confidence in our institutions seems to be eroding at a rapid rate. Join us for the final session of Nava's 2022 offsite, “Progress Takes Work,” themed around one of our core values.

Nava's CEO and co-founder, Rohan Bhobe, will moderate a panel with leaders from The White House's Office of E-Government & Information Technology, Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College School of Public Policy & Management, and the FDIC's Chief Innovation Officer, about how they are able to quantify progress, think long-term, endure difficult times, and be active stewards of their efforts.


  • Rohan Bhobe, moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Nava

  • Noreen Hecmanczuk, Digital Experience Advisor to the Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States at The White House

  • Brian Whittaker, Acting Chief Innovation Officer, FDIC

  • Gladys Perez Sriprasert, Director, Public Policy and Management Programs at Carnegie Mellon University


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