Nava awarded CMS Data Modernization contract

We’ll expand our work helping the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services build and operate scalable infrastructure for their Payment System Modernization.

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been awarded the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Data Modernization 2.0 contract. Through this five-year, $30.7 million contract, we’ll expand on our work supporting CMS as they modernize the systems that process Medicare claims payments. These systems impact 65 million people aged 65 and older, as well as younger people with long-term disabilities, who depend on Medicare to pay for their healthcare. 

Nava is a public benefit corporation on a mission to make government services simple, effective, and accessible to all. We’re helping CMS with their Medicare Payment System Modernization (MPSM), a multi-year initiative to modernize the systems used to process Medicare fee-for-service claims. These systems processed more than $829 billion in Medicare claims in 2021, representing 10 percent of the federal budget and over 3 percent of the national GDP. Though stable, these systems are brittle and difficult to change. MPSM aims to make the payment systems more user-centered, transparent, flexible, and responsive to program changes and needs.

We’ve already been working with CMS to provide infrastructure operations and site reliability services for MPSM cloud-based services. Through this new contract, Nava will support the program's data management by providing a platform of services, tools, and standards around data transmission, translation, storage, and access between the mainframe and the cloud. We'll also develop, operate, and maintain APIs using that replicated data, including some already-developed APIs.

“Nava is honored to support CMS as they work to improve systems that impact millions of people,” said Marvin McLain, Nava’s FedHealth Portfolio Director. “We’ll continue to unlock siloed claims and payment data in CMS’s payment system, offering healthcare providers better insight into what’s happening with their patients and their claims. Making this data available in near real-time will help healthcare providers improve crucial patient care while lowering costs.” 

Nava has been a trusted partner of CMS since 2015, when our founders helped rebuild after its initial launch. Since then, we’ve used an agile, human-centered approach to help CMS with initiatives such as designing a more personal healthcare experience and optimizing CMS Cloud.

PublishedJuly 28, 2023


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