Nava partners with Georgetown University’s Better Government Lab

As a public benefit corporation, we care deeply about our impact. That's why we're partnering with the Better Government Lab at Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy to improve how we measure and analyze how we're making government services simple, effective, and accessible to all.

We’re honored to announce our new partnership with Better Government Lab (BGL) at Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy. Through this partnership, we will work to increase our capacity and standard for measuring, evaluating, and analyzing impact across Nava's portfolio of federal and state digital services work, especially administrative burdens.

“The Better Government Lab employs leading scholars on administrative burden reduction and using analytics to improve service delivery—two things we care deeply about at Nava,” said Nava CEO Rohan Bhobe.

As a public benefit corporation working to make government services simple, effective, and accessible to all, we’re excited to partner with the BGL to leverage data analytics, rigorous evaluations, and academic insights to enhance the accessibility and efficacy of government services. 

"We are delighted to partner with Nava, an innovator when it comes to using digital tools to unlock the safety net for those who need support,” said Don Moynihan, the McCourt Chair at the McCourt School of Public Policy and Co-Director of the Better Government Lab at Georgetown University. “Finding ways to rapidly and rigorously test innovations with government makes it more likely we can make the safety net work for all. It is also a wonderful opportunity for our students to see what the work of change looks like up close."

Our partnership with BGL represents a new chapter in how we approach service delivery. Combining our technological expertise with leading scholarship at BGL will allow us to deliver even more on our mission.

“In addition to delivering end-to-end government services, we’ll be able to more rigorously evaluate how Nava supports government agencies to better serve vulnerable populations.,” said Martelle Esposito, Partnerships and Evaluation Lead at Nava.

Since 2015, Nava has worked alongside federal, state, and local government partners to deliver modern digital services that people trust. We’re so excited to expand on our mission through this partnership with the BGL.

PublishedOctober 11, 2023


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