Nava awarded prime contract supporting CMS to improve healthcare with data

Nava will assist the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as they work to empower providers and healthcare partners to deliver better care for tens of millions of people in the United States.

Nava is honored to announce we've won a four-year, $45.4 million prime contract to support CMS as they work to unlock the value of beneficiary data, empowering providers and healthcare partners to deliver better care for over 63 million people enrolled in Medicare.

As a public benefit corporation, Nava is on a mission to make government services simple, effective, and accessible to all. We’re thrilled to assist CMS as they work to improve the healthcare experience through 3 important APIs: the Medicare A & B Claims Data to Part D Plan Sponsors API (AB2D), the Beneficiary Claims Data API (BCDA), and the Data at the Point of Care API (DPC).

"Working with CMS to unlock the value of beneficiary data will help providers offer better quality care," said Rohan Bhobe. "We are excited to help CMS accelerate their deep customer experience focus, and improve how millions of people across the country take care of their health."

Nava will support CMS as they work to build Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will help make siloed beneficiary data accessible. The AB2D API uses claims data for Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) sponsors, helping providers keep track of patients’ medication to promote their safe use. The BCDA API empowers healthcare providers to retrieve Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D claims data to serve beneficiaries. The DPC API aims to help providers gain and maintain a complete picture of their patients’ medical history with Medicare Fee-For-Service claims data.

Nava is also working with CMS on their Medicare Payment System Modernization (MPSM) program, helping to build a modern system to transfer valuable healthcare data from the mainframe to the cloud for improved analysis and greater insight.

PublishedJanuary 18, 2023


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