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A day at Nava as a security engineer

Mohib Rizvi, a program strategist working on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services team, describes building security architecture and the importance of mission-driven work.

It’s hard to describe what a typical day at Nava is like because no two days are ever the same. Every day brings new projects, challenges, and opportunities. So we’re sharing just a glimpse of what work is actually like for different people at Nava. Here’s what Mohib Rizvi (he/him), Security Engineer has been up to lately.

A headshot of Mohib Rizvi smiling in front of a window.

Mohib Rizvi is a security engineer at Nava.

Current projects

My team and I are working on a project that will improve security operations and account compliance for various supported Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) applications. Each application’s security posture is assessed using tools such as Prowler to verify the application’s configurations against CMS Standards. Our team is also responsible for assisting and guiding the application teams with improving their security posture.

Furthermore, to ensure CMS maintains a strong overall security posture, the team is developing solutions for monitoring and auto-remediation of non-compliant configurations. Developing and researching continuous compliance policies and solutions has been an exciting project as I learn the endless possibilities and security architectures available within the cloud.

I enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles with multiple moving parts by architecting and developing security solutions that streamline operations and improve efficiency.

On learning new skills

With Nava being a mission-driven company that focuses on enhancing government operations, this was an ideal role for me, as it provided an opportunity to use my expertise and knowledge for a better cause while also learning new skills. Additionally, having worked with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services before, I felt comfortable and confident with the work and ideas that Nava had planned with the government agency.

On government

The government is responsible for serving the entire nation, and it’s rewarding to play a role in improving how they deliver their services. These improvements impact the lives and well-being of many people across the nation, especially those in vulnerable populations.

Outside of work

When I’m not at work, I can be found playing or watching sports, especially football.

PublishedJuly 13, 2021


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