Bridging the gap between policy and implementation in academia

Join us for a panel discussion on how university programs in public policy and administration might offer their students a well-rounded foundation that bridges the divide between policymaking and policy implementation.

Event Date

May 21, 2024 at 3:00–6:00 PM UTC


Nava's DC Office (1445 New York Ave NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005)


Online (Zoom)


Headshot of Emily Tavoulareas

Emily Tavoulareas,
Managing Chair, Tech & Society Initiative, Georgetown University

Headshot of Nick Sinai

Nick Sinai,
Senior Advisor, Insight Partners

Headshot of Greg Jordan-Detamore

Greg Jordan-Detamore,
Senior Consultant, Nava PBC

Headshot of Martelle Esposito

Martelle Esposito,
Partnerships and Evaluation Manager, Nava PBC

“Many of the policies that result from our democratic processes simply do not live up to their intent,” writes Jennifer Pahlka, author of Recoding America, adding that “much of the failure is not deliberate; it is the result, in part, of an outdated model that keeps policymaking and policy implementation as separate domains, with separate skills and incentives.”

One area where this divide between policy and implementation shows up—and an opportunity for addressing it—is in academia, where programs often focus exclusively on public policy or on public administration.

How might universities bridge this gap in order to improve policy outcomes and increase government capacity for service delivery? What can we learn from recent experiments, and what other ideas might be worth pursuing?

Join us, either in person (with lunch served) or online, for a panel discussion and Q&A with the authors of three blog posts on this subject:

The panel will be moderated by Martelle Esposito, Partnerships and Evaluation Manager at Nava.


11 AM–12 PM: Lunch

12–1 PM: Panel presentation

1–2 PM: Networking

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