Nava awarded SEC modernization contract

We’re supporting the SEC's modernization goals to become more resilient and adaptable by developing cloud-based infrastructure.

Nava and Aquia are pleased to embark on a new partnership with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as they work to build cloud-based solutions for digital transformation projects. This 5-year, $250 million BPA focuses on sourcing specialized IT services to help the SEC meet its modernization goals and ultimately better serve the American public. 

Our mission is to help government agencies make their services simpler, more effective, and accessible to all. Through this contract, we’ll help the SEC adopt agile methodologies, human-centered design, and cloud-based tools that fit their constituents’ unique needs. Specifically, we’ll help the agency develop cloud-based technologies that will enable them to update existing applications and create new ones. 

"We left the BPA kickoff last month excited to roll up our sleeves and get started," said Jodi Leo, Nava's Chief Delivery Officer. "The teams at the SEC Cloud Center of Excellence and Agile Transformation are in production and well underway with the migration from data centers with a range of apps in the cloud and other significant wins. Taking a human-centered approach to cloud adoption is a key next step, and we're grateful for the opportunity to partner with the SEC to do just that."

Nava is not new to supporting government agencies as they shift from legacy systems to the cloud, including human-centered cloud adoption. Previously, we helped the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services build a self-service cloud ecosystem that can run three times as many applications as traditional infrastructure. This new system, which processes claims data for 65 million people, is flexible, resilient, and future-proof. 

Nava and Aquia are both members of the Digital Services Coalition, a collection of agile technology and design firms committed to bringing innovation and agility to government services.

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