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Nava’s been a trusted government partner since we helped fix in 2013. Learn about building critical digital services alongside us.

Envision the Future: Paid family and medical leave

Policy, technology, and government experts discuss the future of implementing paid family and medical leave programs across the nation.

How APIs can help WIC better meet staff and participants’ needs

An API standard would unlock digital tools and catalyze WIC's ability to evolve and grow.

Use the U.S. Web Design System and focus on bigger challenges

Instead of creating a design system from scratch, use the U.S. Web Design System to save time and resources.

Repeatable, sustainable processes for building benefits systems

Building government services is often urgent work. Reusing, expanding, and iterating on proven practices is essential to quickly and effectively meeting people’s needs.

Outcomes that matter: Using metrics to measure your program

When metrics strategies align with program goals, you know you’re measuring outcomes that matter to your program, partners, and the people you serve.

Get things right from the beginning with equitable research recruitment

Traditional user research practices often exclude people essential to the success of a service. Here are some practical tips to improve your approach.

Implementing paid family and medical leave in the digital age

If the American Families Plan moves forward, it will be a unique opportunity to get the program right, technically and in policy design, from the start.

To reimagine unemployment insurance services, start small

A new bill to upgrade the technology supporting the country’s unemployment systems could lay the foundation for a more resilient safety net.

Now is the time for digital services that build trust

An unprecedented surge in demand for public benefits during the pandemic has highlighted the need for simple, effective, and accessible services.

Why Nava is a public benefit corporation

Nava’s social mission — to improve access to public services — has as much weight as a corporation’s responsibility to its shareholders.